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What is JPG Studio? JPG Studio User Guide - Step-by-StepStart Here: Video TutorialIs JPG Studio in control of the IPFS images?Where can I download JPG Studio app?Are there any fees associated with using JPG Studio?What chain does JPG Studio support?What is IPFS and why do I need an IPFS Provider?My application is stuck while uploading to IPFSDo I need to export the metadata generated from JPG Studio?What does the .nsb file contain?Why can’t I upload .nsb file into a .json file without adding it to a collection?Can I view the .nsb file with the metadata?Why does it create a new .nsb file every time I hit generate?After selling out a collection are we able to re-open the mint and add more assets to sell/mint?Is it possible for me to upload two collections at once and combine them?Is it possible to access the .JSON file from JPG Studio?If you don't upload to IPFS is it possible to extract and see the .json file metadata site but just without the photos?Any time you add new metadata, does it replace the old?How do I add custom 1/1’s and randomly mix them into the collection?How do I backup my file before creating forced traits?Is it possible to randomly generate the order in which the NFTs will be minted?The "metadata name" is the name that will be presented on the JPG store? And what is the "title name?"Can you edit the metadata name from an imported collection?Can I specify the order # of which NFTs will come out? Example: can I assign a certain NFT to #0248?Can I change the collection name inside the Studio?Are we given access to the minting calendar through JPG Studio?How can I add my 1 of 1 NFTs?After I hit 'clear metadata why can't I re-upload my metadata?Can you force combine two traits on top of one another?Can JPG Studio generate .gif/.mp4/video files?