What are the fees?

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Types of Fees when interacting with JPG Store / Cardano



  1. JPG Store Fees(JPG): JPG Store fees are incurred on sales and minting NFTs within the marketplace, ensuring the platform's operational costs are covered to continue providing services for secondary sales and NFT creation.
    (2% Service Fee on sales)
  2. Regular Fees(Cardano): These are the standard transaction fees required by the Cardano protocol, calculated as a combination of a base fee (denoted as the linearFeeA protocol parameter) and a variable fee (linearFeeB). This structure accommodates the transaction's size.

  3. Contract Execution Fees(Cardano): Incurred during the execution of a contract, these fees vary based on the operation's complexity, such as the number of assets being unlocked, and the contract's optimization level. Notably, newer contracts tend to incur lower fees. These fees apply to actions like purchasing, accepting offers, delisting, and updating within the contract.

  4. MinUTxO Fees(Cardano): Although not technically fees, these are minimum ADA requirements for each UTxO, set by the Cardano protocol to mitigate DDOS attacks. This requirement becomes relevant during asset listings, with the necessary ADA amount (typically around 1ADA) varying based on the UTxO's size. Importantly, this ADA is returned to the individual unlocking the asset, whether it be the seller through delisting or the buyer upon purchase.


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