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What are Bundles and Bulk list?

We have two different ways to do this currently. 

  1. Bundle: You can sell assets of the same collection (policy ID) as one using Bundle, and
  2. Bulk List: You can list multiple assets of different collections quickly in one go

Both are covered below:


Creating a Bundle: Bundles are multiple assets of the same collection being sold together. To do this, click on "New Bundle" from the profile > My NFT's tab as shown above.

Then click on the collection you want to create the bundle for. This will display only assets from that collection for you to select which you want to add to the bundle. After you have chosen the assets, click on create bundle. You will set the price that you will sell the entire bundle of assets for. Sign your wallet to list.


NOTE: Recently we made a change to Bundles and how we display them. You can still find bundles, but they no longer have a tab on the collection page. If you click on the filter button, you can see "Bundled" as an option. You can also filter for particular traits this way! 


Bulk List: Bulk list is listing many assets at the same time from different collections. These will be sold individually and not as a bundle

  • First step, click on Bulk list. Select the assets you want to list for sale. 
  • Then click on "Create listings". From there, you can either make every price the same for each asset by filling in the price at the very bottom of the window and clicking "apply to all", or you can individually price the assets. 
  • Click on "Proceed to Review" after you've determined your prices. It will show you a breakdown of how much to expect for each asset on the next page. 

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