Managing your Offer Pool

2 min. readlast update: 06.20.2024

Things we will cover in this article:

  • Add ADA to your offer pool
  • Create Loan offers
  • Funding loans
  • Remove ADA from your offer pool

Adding ADA to your offer pool:

Before you can "Lend ADA" you must deposit funds from your wallet into your offer pool. Hover over your wallet balance and click on "Manage offer pool." 

Next, determine how much ADA you want to provide for your offer pool. Here, we are adding 20 ADA to the pool (currently, this is the minimum you can add to an offer pool). The transaction will take ~1min to confirm on the chain.

Once confirmed, you will see the 20 ADA at the top of your page. At this point, you can start creating loan offers.

Create loan offers

You can use your offer pool funds to make multiple loan offers without locking up any ADA.

To make loan offers, go to the collection page where you wish to make a loan and click on "Lend ADA". 

In our example, we have 123 ADA available for lending. You can now make Lending offers for multiple collections of up to 120 ADA. In the instance below, you have made two lending offers for 50 ADA each for Snekkies. You could then go to another collection and also make offers. The first people to accept the loans will receive the ADA until your lending pool is exhausted or you don't have enough ADA left in the pool to accept any more. 

You have now made loan offers for two different collections. You can see this on your profile page.

Fund loans

Once someone accepts one of your loan offers, ADA will be withdrawn from your offer pool to fund the loan. Any remaining loan offers larger than your pool balance will be placed on hold until your offer pool is replenished.

Remove ADA from your offer pool

You can remove the ADA in your offer pool at any point. To do this, click on your offer pool, select "Withdraw from offer pool" and select the amount you want to remove. 

It may take a few minutes for the transaction to be confirmed on the chain. Once it does, you should see the indicator at the top of the page showing your new pool balance.

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